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Meet Crystal

Certified Coach, Card Reading Expert, &

Psychic Intuitive Advisor

I embarked on my awareness journey many years ago, probably as early as 2002. I found myself gravitating towards authors and speakers such as Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, and Esther Hicks.  I enjoyed attending sound meditations and loved Hot Yoga to strengthen my mind and body.

As time progressed, I really yearned to get certified as a Soul Coach with Denise Lynn.  These behaviors and activities were where I focused my free-time while raising my children, completing my Bachelor's Degree, and moving forward in the corporate world. Dreams of traveling to California for an extended period of time to follow a passion didn't seem responsible or realistic at the time.  So, instead, I bought the Soul Coaching book and never took the leap no matter how many times I felt pulled toward the training. 

I grew up in a highly religious Christian household.  My father was a preacher and my mother became an ordained Minister later in life.  We really didn't speak of spirituality unless it was somehow considered demonic or crazy.  This made life as I knew it confusing and without people to discuss the possibilities.  I definitely realize now that had I found a spiritual person to speak with, things would have moved a lot faster. 

Fast forward to 2019 and all of the trauma that presented itself during the year.  I had opened a retail store for my Vegan Products Line.  The store was only open for 2 months before the lockdown. 

My husband and I went into quarantine as suggested and all the television time started to drag me down into a deep depression.  I found myself spiraling into an emotional place that I was afraid I would not be able to recover from. 

I found myself led to meditation to provide relief.  I slowly noticed some relief.  Then I made the decision to stop watching so much tv.  I stopped living in limbo waiting for my store to be able to operate again.  I cleared some mental and emotional space and made choices for my life instead of allowing life to just throw me around.

The truth is that life wasn't doing anything to me.  My monkey mind was racing and I had to gain control.  Facing this truth, I sought out all that I had already learned from so long ago.  I obtained two accredited coaching certifications during that time, one in Chakra Healing and the other in Spirituality Coaching.  I received my Certification as an Art Life Coach and Certified Natural Herbalist years prior. 

Going through the courses inevitably provided additional healing, peace, and awareness than I had before.  It was amazing to be in the middle of daily negativity and emotional turmoil with protests and the death numbers going up.  Somehow I was able to not feel deep despair. 

Instead, I found my spiritual voice. 

I started receiving prophetic messages that I had to just trust and act upon.  Feeling confident to speak what was in my spirit while communicating with friends, family, and eventually, strangers confirmed that I was finally becoming the Soul Coach that I had always felt I should be. 

After a few months, I had an extreme experience that involved a lot of crying and so many things that were haunting my thoughts were revealed to me and I was immediately able to let them go. 

It was a beautiful, yet scary experience. I felt like I had learned how to reach different levels of nirvana and it was truly addicting.  During one episode I remembered the phrase, "A peace that passes all understanding."  Yes!  I had a peace that passed all understanding over and over and over again.  

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