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Choose your pricing plan

  • The Personal Program

    Personal Consultation for a Better Living
    Valid for one year
    • I'm a benefit
    • I'm a benefit
    • I'm a benefit
  • UniqueME Feminine

    Every week
    Unleash the PowHERful within you
    Valid for 2 weeks
    • Learn to embrace your forgotten/repressed feminine powers
    • Find the place inside of you that feels authentic & strong
    • Own your creativity, sexuality, style, and personal power
    • Honor who you are by fearlessly stepping out into the world
    • Work the chakras, meditate, and move to find freedom
    • Learn to support your femininity along this life journey
    • Engage with a community of powHERful women along the way
    • Learn ways to bring more love and gentleness into your life
    • Learn to stop being a people pleaser and care for your needs
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