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  • 11:11 - The Angels Are Watching

    Every month
    Join a community of peace seekers through a daily practice of meditation at 11:11 am and/or pm.
    • Meditations by Certified Yoga Nidra Meditation Practitioner
    • Moon Meditations can be joined live via Zoom 2 x month
    • Healing/Peace meditations provided on Sundays
    • Camera off environment with silence encouraged.
    • Join in with collective energies that provide more power.
    • Engage with like-minded individuals to create change.
    • Privacy practice is built in to the group community.
    • Connect at work, home, etc., with headphones.
    • Your moment to connect with other Earth Angels.
    • Guided meditations tailored to the days energies
    • Meditations prompts uploaded to group by 11 am daily
    • Join fellow peace seekers in meditation for 11 min 11 sec
  • Reality Creation & Mindset Coaching Pack

    Purchase time for Crystal McKinney's schedule at an introductory angel rate of $111 per hour.
    Valid for 6 months
    • Reality Creation & Mindset Coaching Pack
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