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11:11 The Angels Are Watching

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

Hello Spirit Friends! This is an inspiring moment in my life. My first blog post on my website. Awakenings are always happening. Endings and beginnings and the cycle continues on. That sentence just had an ending.

I digress. Maybe I'm diving in too deep already. What I want to express is that I'm grateful you are here. You are reading this because something drew. your attention here. The same energy we are sharing is in my opinion Angel Energy. The Angels Are Watching is my belief.

My taking the time to write this is a miracle. What has motivated me today to finally do this? Beginnings and certainly an ending to NOT doing it as has happened day in and day out. I've had my website and domain up for over a year. I've probably spent close to $1,000 already and didn't launch my business. Have you done things like this too? It makes me think of that movie, Failure To Launch. I'm not sure if that movie is within the same context as my past problem, but the title surely fits.

I can't tell you what poked my mind today and gave me the courage to do this. Or is it energy? Do I just have more energy today? Who knows. All I can say is that I know that my guardian angels are watching me as they always have and always will. At this moment I am listening.

I've launched!

If you want to become my Spiritual Friend and keep in touch, complete the details below with your email, birthday, and first name.

Thank you for being here.

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