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2024 Tarot Readings &
Holistic Appointments 


Crystal McKinney is Certified and/or Accredited in the following holistic and spiritual modalities: Card Reading, Reiki Master, Spirituality Coach, Art Life Therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy, Meditation, Kundalini Yoga, & Group Chakra Healing. Her early life experiences involved sensing and seeing energy forms.  Her mother possesses the ability to sense the energy of people that are ready to pass on to the other side. Growing up in a Christian household with her mother being an Ordained Minister and her father being a Preacher, Crystal witnessed many miraculous events that she is certain proved that she is in the karmic role that she is to fulfill during this lifetime. She is excited to share all of her gifts, with you during your Psychic Intuitive Card Reading.

"I had an amazing first-time tarot reading with Crystal. Her intuition and genuine connection with the cards provided clarity and insight. Crystal created an inviting, tailored environment, making the session uplifting and enlightening. Thanks so much!"

Kitty S.

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